How Website Load Time Impacts Search Ranking

If you are into SEO, you probably would be aware that there are more than 200 factors that play their respective role in deciding the search engine ranking.

Google uses numerous factors to determine how to rank the search engine results. Typically, these SEO factors are either related to the webpage content itself or some off page factors.  Below are some of the important factors.

  • Domain Age
  • Inbound Quality Links
  • Contend Quality
  • Bounce Rate
  • Several Other factors as well

However, in 2010, Google announced something very different. Google said that website speed would be having an impact on search ranking of the website. Now, the speed at which one could view the page content from the search result would be a factor.

On the contrary, the definition of “site speed” remained open to speculation. The mystery widened in June 2010, when Matt Cutts announced that slow-performing mobile sites might get penalized in search rankings as well.

It is very clear that the ultimate goal of Google is to provide better user experience around the world. That’s why Google is increasingly acting upon what is very obvious: A poor website results in a poor user experience.

Its unclear till now, to what extent these factors impact the site ranking. But still, if we listen to some SEO Experts, they claim that most of these factors come in the top three ranking factors. So, if you have a website which is taking a lot of time to load and you are not ranking good in google, then it could be a factor as well. So, better load gives a better experience, and you get good rankings.

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